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Java File Splitter  v.1.0

This is a file splitter written in Java. Unlike some file splitter programs that I have come across, this program allows for the transfer of split files between different Operating Systems. Tested on Linux, Free-BSD and Windows XP &

JFSplit - File Splitter and Joiner  v.1.0

A free file splitter and joiner with a number options to split and join your files efficiently. Cross-platform tool programmed in JAVA and requires Java Runtime Environment to use this

TFSplit-Java File Splitter and Joiner  v.2

Java GUI based File Splitter and Joiner. Works on Windows and

Text File Splitter  v.2.0.4

Split large text files using this utility

Philipp's File Splitter  v.1.50

Philipp's File Splitter is a simple splitting application designed to help you cut large files into smaller parts and a merge-script which you can copy to otherwise-too-small memory sticks etc and then put them together on the target computer.

Apex File Splitter Merger  v.

File Split Merge Software break any kind of documents into several smaller parts to store and carry.

Portable Arduo File Splitter  v.1.2.4

Split your files with this tool.

File Splitter & Joiner  v.1.0

Then this Splitter & Joiner software can help you. Just right click on the file you want to split or join and you will find the FWSplitter un the SendTo menu, the simple interface is very easy to

PCMate Free File Splitter Joiner  v.6.6.4

PCMate Free File Shredder is a secure and accurate free file eraser application for Windows that allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

File Splitter in Java  v.1.2

A GUI Java utility to split a file into multiple chunks. A typical application is to copy a large file onto several floppies. It generates MD5 for each

Java File Splitter with encryption(DES)  v.1.0

This project is to spllit the large file into small parts which can be easy to move anywhere from one place to another and also fast in its execution....

Files Splitter And Joiner  v.3.4

File Splitter and Joiner is great tool designed and implemented to allow you split a file into several chunks, and then join them together to recreate the original file. You can use this tool if you have a large file that needs to be sent over the

GSplit  v.

GSplit is a powerful file splitter that splits your large files into a set of smaller files called pieces; it also generates small Self-Uniting programs (.exe) to assemble pieces without needing GSplit. Intuitive interface and a full set of options.

Data Doctor-Audio Splitter  v.

Data Doctor-Audio Splitter comes as a fully sophisticated Mp2 audio file splitter software which is able to identify and remove silence from various audio files such as radio and satellite recordings. Mp3 audio splitter utility is useful in

File Split Fairy  v.1.5

is a file splitter tool to split files for windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It is a simple-to-use, small-size and green software. It can be packaged with the splitted files conveniently.*support to split files of any type.*Split a file by specific

HJSplit for Linux  v.2.3

HJSplit is a popular set of freeware file-splitting programs created by in collaboration with various programmers. HJSplit supports many platforms (Windows XP, 7, Vista, NT, 200x, 3.x, 9x, ME, Linux/wine, all 64 bit editions of Windows,

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